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"California Rain," JR's newest release, has garnered some rave reviews. If you would like to send your own comments about "California Rain," you can send them to a special email account created for this release.

JR is interested to hear from his fans. Selected email messages will then be published here. Please include your name and general location.

They may be subject to editing for brevity, etc.

Send your comments to: JR.CaliforniaRain@gmail.com

D. Swanger
California Rain shines, most fabulous. A most welcome addition to my JR collection. More please.

Alva B.
California Rain is the best music I have heard in a long time. Anything by Johnny Rivers is great, but this, even though previously unreleased, is such fresh new music compared to what's out there now.

Brian H., Oakland, CA
Saving the best for last the final cut on the album is Spare Me a Little written by Christine McVie. As only Johnny Rivers can do - he takes this song to an entirely different place. He has done this with so many songs. His interpretation of Spare Me a Little is timeless - nothing short of brilliant - pure musical genius.

B Perry, California
Can't believe this wasn't released years ago. This represents some of your best work, JR. Wow!!!

Jan, Wisconsin
Love, love California Rain. One of your best.

T Bailey
Excellent album. Not one bad song . Fantastic vocals.
I hope you release some more albums of this kind of material
that you recorded previously and never got around to putting out.

K. Rayba. Detroit
JR, really enjoy this album, a great selection
of songs and a welcome addition to my JR collection.
Hope to see you again in Concert in the near future!

A Schaal, Minneapolis, MN
It is shame that this album sat in the can for so many decades. These songs are topnotch!
Hope to see you on the road sometime soon.

Music Mix from California Rain