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Johnny Rivers Greatest Hits and More
JR's release "Greatest Hits and More" may be ordered by mail.

You may order the actual CD directly from Soul City Records by clicking the image below to print out an order form in Adobe's pdf format. This is a limited release version. Take advantage while it is once again available!
click for printable order form in pdf format
Once you have printed out the order form you can send your request directly to Soul City Records.

Please DO NOT send additional items to our postal mailing address nor any other address you may have for autographs. This includes things such as guitar picks or pick guards as well as other large physical items such as vinyl LP's. Large items such as these (often sent for autograph purposes) will not be acted upon nor returned.

That address is to be used for CD Purchases only. There is insufficient staff to handle additional requests (eg. autographing guitar pick guards, vinyl records, etc.)

Thank you for your understanding.

JR's Greatest Hits and More Bit's and Pieces